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Surgical devices

Surgical unit and instruments

Like all Dentsply Sirona Implants products, Frios instruments are developed in close cooperation with practitioners for practitioners. As always, the focus of development is on making our products simple and easy to use for accurate, successful and fast work at all times.

Surgical Unit

Simple, efficient and convincing work flow – the best description of the Frios S/i Unit. It also conforms to the highest standards of quality and technology and all applicable directives. It is the perfect tool for accurate bone preparation with the Frios MicroSaw.


With Frios handpieces and contra-angle handpieces you can manage any clinical situation in the field of implant placement and augmentation with maximum practicality for the best treatment results. And we have offered this for more than ten years.


Additional accessories and separate spare parts such as surgical motor, foot control, internal irrigation tubes, coolant hoses, sterile cover foil and hose rings are also available for the Surgical Unit.

Frios S/i unit – grafting and implant placement with one unit

The clearly structured program sequence is precisely designed for the requirements of implant surgery. It comes with four preset programs, which can be accessed quickly and easily using the foot control or directly on the device.

The tapping function can be controlled directly by a fifth program button – without having to change the contra-angle handpiece. Individualists can work with the Frios S/i Unit, too. All programs can be modified as required; the last selected setting is automatically saved.

A compact, maintenance-free surgical motor and a range of contra-angle handpieces ensure outstanding handling and brisk work in every surgical situation.

The best overall view is also guaranteed with the large high-contrast display, which shows everything important during surgery, such as speed and torque setting. The surgical motor, power cords, stand and handpiece holder can all be sterilized at 135 degrees Celsius – for easy hygiene.

Frios S/i Unit – responds to foot pressure

All functions, from the program expansion switch through clockwise / counter-clockwise operation to activation of the three-speed coolant pump, can be selected using the ergonomic foot control. This leaves your hands free for what is important; your patients.

Manufacturer’s declaration Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) (pdf)

Frios handpieces and contra-angle handpieces

Perfect design: Frios handpieces can be used in the side-tooth region, for sinus floor elevation and harvesting autologous bone – with their ideal shape and ergonomics.

Completely demountable: the new Frios WS-75 contra-angle handpiece can be completely taken apart with just a few actions – without any additional tools.

Intelligent system: the new patented hexagonal clamping system allows you to work quickly and without interruptions.

Innovative force: the rotation of the instruments at torques of 30-50 Ncm is extremely low-friction – without deformation or blockage.

Reliable safety: at high torques it runs smoothly and evenly, such as when screwing implants into very hard bone.

Perfect light and perfect result

Frios straight and contra-angle handpieces with LED light ensure ideal intra-oral illumination thus creating the best conditions for perfect treatment results.

  • Operate in daylight quality: Neutral white-light with high luminosity and a wider field of illumination than conventional halogen lamps.

  • Independent electric power supply: Electricity for the LED light comes from the independent generator integrated in the instrument, irrespective of the drive system you work with.

  • Compatible with every motor with ISO coupling.

  • Extremely low heat generation.

  • Longer service life than conventional halogen lamps.

  • Sterilizable to 135 °C

  • Thermal disinfectable

Ideal teamwork: Dentsply Sirona Implants presents a team perfectly coordinated in function and handling – the Frios Unit S/i and the new Frios LED handpieces and contra-angle handpieces specially adapted to the hand motor, simple to use, reliable in operation and convincing with their results.