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We are dedicated to science, and run a variety of research activities in close collaboration with universities, dental professionals and opinion leaders.

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Why search further?

Continuing to challenge with sound science. By searching further, we can provide evidence demonstrating biological sustainability, leading to optimal dental implant treatment outcomes. 

We search further because we are committed to sound science, providing biological sustainability for a world where everyone can eat, speak and smile with confidence. Let’s take a closer look...

Our philosophy - outperforming with sound science

You can count on Dentsply Sirona Implants for solid scientific documentation and reliable clinical results. Our products have been documented for a range of clinical indications, surgical applications and prosthetic solutions. The data present exceptional results for efficacy and reliability including:

High implant and prosthetic success and survival rates.

Maintained marginal bone levels and healthy peri-implant soft tissues.

High accuracy of implant placement for computer-guided implant treatment.

High osseoconductive and resorbable properties of our regenerative materials.

Ongoing clinical research and product development is directed towards treatment of more demanding and advanced situations, as well as towards alternative protocols for increased patient comfort during treatment.

These efforts are supported by the important information we get from pre-clinical in vitro and in vivo studies. Today, our comprehensive study program includes more than 2 000 published, scientific references.

Dentsply Sirona Implants study program

Building a research portfolio together

As a premium company in the dental implant industry, we are committed to extensive and sound research and documentation of product performance, efficacy and safety. An important part of our clinical research program is the Investigator Initiated Studies, IIS, in which Dentsply Sirona Implants supports external research projects.

Research support

Research support

We are dedicated to science, and run a variety of research activities in close collaboration with universities, dental professionals and opinion leaders. Together we share our knowledge and experience to find the best solutions for customers and the patients.

You can feel confident that we deliver safe and reliable products as a result of our high quality studies based on sound scientce, adhering to regulatory demands.

Scientific material & documentation

To facilitate the overview of available scientific documentation within a specific topic, we have created different documentation material including: 

  • Scientific highlights 
    — Short literature summaries focusing on a specific topic, followed by key references.
  • Scientific reviews 
    — Objective literature summaries of all available documentation on a selected topic, followed by a reference list.

Scientific news

Newly published results with Dentsply Sirona Implants products

Clinical success in a long-term perspective

The Ankylos implant system has been evaluated in >4,000 patients with follow-up of up to 20 years, showing high implant survival rate and low rate of peri-implant bone loss.

Simplicity without compromise

The new Astra Tech Implant System EV has been developed to make the daily work easier, without making any compromises to the clinical outcome. Now the first published randomized controlled clinical trial with OsseoSpeed EV implants can show good clinical outcome with minimal bone remodeling after 1 year of follow-up.

Reliability and safety for your patients

The Xive implant system has been in clinical use for more than a decade. Long-term clinical documentation is one of the most important tools when discussing reliability and safety of an implant system. Excellent clinical outcome with low complication rates are here shown in 3 independent long-term follow-up studies.


Publication list Dentsply Sirona Implants

The Publication list is a reference list containing articles on Dentsply Sirona Implants products, published in peer reviewed journals.

Checklist on critical reading

Guideline and checklist on how to critically read clinical documentation and scientific articles from a dental implants point of view.

Achieving beautiful, natural-looking esthetics for your implant patients requires biological sustainability—the harmony of marginal bone and surrounding soft tissue over time.