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Our philosophy

You can count on Dentsply Sirona Implants for solid scientific documentation and reliable clinical results. Our products have been documented for a range of clinical indications, surgical applications and prosthetic solutions. The data present exceptional results for efficacy and reliability including:

  • High implant and prosthetic success and survival rates.
  • Maintained marginal bone levels and healthy peri-implant soft tissues.
  • High accuracy of implant placement for computer-guided implant treatment.
  • High osseoconductive and resorbable properties of our regenerative materials.

Ongoing clinical research and product development is directed towards treatment of more demanding and advanced situations, as well as towards alternative protocols for increased patient comfort during treatment. These efforts are supported by the important information we get from pre-clinical in vitro and in vivo studies. Today, our comprehensive study program includes more than 1850 published, scientific references.



The Dentsply Sirona Implants Publication list (pdf) is a reference list containing articles on Dentsply Sirona Implants products, published in peer reviewed journals. The list is divided by implant systems, digital solutions and regenerative material. Click on the links in the table of content to be redirected to the reference list of your interest.


Critical reading

Read our guideline and checklist on how to critically read clinical documentation and scientific articles (pdf) from a dental implants point of view. 

Material for download

Dentsply Sirona publication list

Publications list 2017

Checklist for critical reading

Checklist for critical reading