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Home Implant systems Xive Prosthetics

Xive – Prosthetics

Restorative freedom with Xive

Xive offers you numerous innovative prosthetic options, including pre-fabricated and patient-specific solutions both on implant and abutment level, supporting immediate restorations in most indications. The deep, internal hexagonal connection provides you with clear and accurate positioning of an abutment with six reversible positioning options. 

Treatment concepts

There are several restorative treatment modalities designed for use with the Xive implant system. These will assist you in delivering the optimal solution to your patients. You can choose from concepts like platform switching that help you sculpture soft tissues; intraoral welding for creating chairside restorations; and fast and esthetic dentures for your patients requiring full-arch restorations. 

Immediate loading and temporary restoration

Xive with the TempBase concept offers the option of creating fixed, esthetically attractive temporary dentures quickly. If initial conditions allow, TempBase can be used for single-tooth restorations and even for more specific, complex restorations:

  • Simple – The TempBase 3-in-1 concept: placement head, coping for index impression and temporary abutment for the temporary restoration – all in one.

  • Safe – The pre-mounted TempBase enables a prosthetic restoration without replacement of components (i.e., without additional risk) with immediate restoration and non-functional immediate loading.

  • Fast – The prefabricated, accurately fitted TempBase Cap can be "clipped“ to form a base for a high-quality, implant-supported, temporary denture – then a temporary crown can be fabricated chairside.

  • Economical – The multifunctional TempBase is included with Xive S – with no additional costs for a temporary abutment.

Patient-specific suprastructures on transgingival Xive implants

With an Atlantis suprastructrue on Xive TG implants, it is possible to utilize all the benefits of a patient-specific restoration beyond CAD/CAM while profiting from cost-effectiveness. The transgingival implant design eliminates the need for additional abutments, and the one stage surgical procedure is time saving and comfortable for the patient.

Using the Xive TG implant, you also achieve high primary stability in all types of bone. The prosthetic restoration for Xive TG allows you to choose between an Atlantis suprastructures patient-specific implant suprastructure for a fixed or removable dental implant prosthesis.

  • One stage surgery
  • Time saving
  • Cost effective
  • Precise and passive fit

Gingiva Former C and Transfer Copings C

The Xive Gingiva Former contours the soft tissue after or during the healing phase of Xive S Implants. Thanks to its curved shape it both preserves and esthetically shapes the soft tissue. This shape and the implant position are then transferred to the master cast, using the new transfer coping.


Numerous factors can affect the bone level and the health of the soft tissue surrounding a dental implant. Some factors are design-related. The use of diameter-reduced abutments, called Platform-Switch (PS), can provide the following results:

  • Gained soft tissue volume – The consequent use of PS components shifts the transition between implant and abutment towards the center and creates an improved emergence profile; platform-switch is designed to increase the soft tissue volume, contributing to long-term esthetic outcomes.

  • Improved preservation of crestal bone – The positive effects of PS have been described in numerous studies over the years and it is a commonly accepted concept. A Meta-Analysis published by M.A. Atieh et al. came to the conclusion:

    "The marginal bone loss around platform-switched implants was significantly less than around platform-matched implants." *

* Atieh MA, Ibrahim HM, Atieh AH. Platform Switching for Marginal Bone Preservation Around Dental Implants: A Systematic Review and Mata-Analysis. Journal of Periodontology 2010;81(10):1350–66. 

The Individual Esthetic concept

Individual Esthetic allows you to create highly esthetic results in just a few steps. Use the individual esthetic concept in your daily practice routine for:

  • Perfectly attuned components
  • Easier soft tissue management

Steps for an Individual Esthetic result

Step 1: Individually customizable surgical protocol – Thanks to the patented combination of the bone-specific preparation protocol and bone-condensing thread design, you can achieve outstanding primary stability, even in soft bone.

Step 2: Customized gingiva formers / provisional components – With the Friadent EsthetiCap, you easily achieve an esthetically high-quality provisional crown or bridge.

Step 3: Individual impression – Create an individual transfer post in just a few steps.

Step 4: Customized abutments – Fabricate customized, highly esthetic ceramic abutments with a metal core using TitaniumBase.

Immediate restoration on intraorally welded frameworks

WeldOne provides a stable, passively fitting framework for temporary or durable prostheses for immediate restorations – suitable for immediate or late loading. It is a fast and economical solution to deliver partial- and full-arch restorations on the same day of surgery.

The WeldOne concept is exclusively designed for dental implants made by Dentsply Sirona Implants.

The smarter solution for convenience and versatility

Your patients rely on you to restore their ability to eat, speak and smile with confidence. With the SmartFix concept combined with Xive you can improve the quality of life of your edentulous patients with a secure and reliable immediate full-arch restoration.

It's just smart

The SmartFix concept used in combination with Xive gives you:

  • shorter treatment times
  • simplified procedures
  • streamlined workflows

All without compromising reliable treatment outcomes for your edentulous patients.

Powered by a digital workflow

Simplant computerguided implant treatment delivers precise implant planning and predictable restorative results.

Unique implant range with high primary stability

Xive implant system is welldocumented for success in immediate loading, and is supported by a drilling protocol that delivers high primary stability.

Easy abutment seating

The short and flexible holder allows for easy seating of MP abutments, even when space is limited.

See how it works:

Seating of the MP abutment

Animation showing the easy seating of the MP Abutment using the short and flexible holder.

Restorative versatility

Straight, 15° and 30° MP abutments are optimal for finding the ideal angle for each case. The narrow abutment design facilitates installation while the reduced component height allows for more inter-arch space for prosthetic design.

Angled screw access channel

Angling the screw access channel is a unique option of Atlantis bridges and hybrids, promoting ideal esthetics and function as well as simplifying handling during installation and removal of the prosthesis.

Unique frame design options

Atlantis bridges and hybrids are produced via additive manufacturing, supporting unique frame design options and individualized retention elements.

Scientific support

Degidi M, Daprile G, Piattelli A.

Primary stability determination by means of insertion torque and RFA in a sample of 4,135 implants. 

Clin Implant Dent Relat Res 2012;14(4):501-07.

Temporary solutions for Xive offer you customized bases for temporary implant-level restorations and allow you to provide additional soft tissue sculpturing, as needed. The base for the temporary denture is the same shape as the TempBase abutment. Multifunctional – in three ways: as seating coping, for immediate index impression during surgery and as the base for the immediate restoration. 

TempBase abutments

TempBase is part of the unique TempBase concept and comes pre-mounted with every Xive S Plus implant; it offers the option of creating a fixed, esthetically attractive temporary denture quickly if the initial conditions allow this.

TempBase abutment can be used for single-tooth restorations and even for more specific complex restorations:

  • Designed for immediate temporary restorations chairside. 
  • All-in-One (Placement head, Index Registration, Temporary Abutment).

EsthetiCap abutments

EsthetiCap is designed for esthetically demanding temporary crowns and bridges:

  • Two anatomical cross-sections; oval and triangular
  • Customizable by grinding or laminating
  • Cementable
  • X-ray-opaque with zirconium dioxide additives

The cement-retained prosthetic solutions for Xive include patient-specific CAD/CAM abutments, pre-designed and prefabricated abutments in a number of materials, satisfying all clinical situations and indications. Several options are adjustable chairside, while others are produced entirely by your dental laboratory – all designed from the ideal final tooth shape.

Atlantis abutments 

Atlantis abutments are individually designed from the final crown shape using the unique Atlantis VAD (Virtual Abutment Design) software. Each is precision manufactured to provide optimal function and esthetics, without needing chairside modifications.

  • Patient-specific CAD/CAM abutments individually designed from the final tooth shape.

Learn more about Atlantis abutments

EstheticBase abutments

EstheticBase is an anatomically pre-designed titanium abutment. The design and dimensions are based upon the natural dentition:

  • For esthetically demanding single-tooth crowns and bridges.
  • Customizable by grinding.
  • Straight and angled – for offset situations compensating for implants in a restoratively unfavorable position.
  • Optional lateral and transversal screw retention for single-tooth crowns/bridges.

AuroBase abutments

AuroBase is a precious metal abutment individually designed and manufactured at the laboratory. AuroBase is a customizable abutment for use in cases with severe angulation problems, where a taller abutment is needed or inter-occlusal space restricts the use of regular wax-up and casting techniques:

  • For difficult prosthetic situations requiring individual solutions for crowns, bridges and prostheses.
  • For compensation of severe axial divergences.
  • Customizable by wax-up and cast-to techniques:
    – Easy identification thanks to color-coding.
    – Besides cementation with the option of occlusal screw retention.

TitaniumBase abutments

Patients want restorations that come as close to natural esthetics as possible, in the anterior as much as in the posterior regions. TitaniumBase enables the dental technician to fabricate esthetically high-quality titanium core ceramic abutments at the same time as they give all the advantages of a prefabricated, stable implant-abutment connection:

  • For fabricating ceramic-abutments with customized design.
  • Titanium bonding base with prefabricated implant-abutment connection.
  • Two flattened sides to protect against rotation.

Cercon abutments

Cercon is a one-piece ceramic abutment – zirconium dioxide – delivering outstanding esthetics and brilliant light dynamics:

  • For full-ceramic restorations with best possible tooth analogy in the anterior region.
  • Available straight or angled.
  • Customizable by grinding or casting.
  • Two shades of white, neutral or dentine

CeraBase abutments

CeraBase is a two-piece ceramic abutment consisting of an aluminum oxide ceramic sleeve and a titanium core. It meets all the demands for an esthetic restoration in the anterior region:

  • Available in conical and anatomical design.
  • Customizable by grinding or casting.

For your screw-retained bridge and bar solutions, Xive uses solid titanium straight or angled abutments for casted constructions, or CAD/CAM restorations on Xive TG. With a CAD/CAM bar denture or bridge on transgingival Xive TG implants, you benefit from an individually fabricated CAD/CAM restoration while leveraging cost-effectiveness.

Friadent Multi-purpose (MP) abutments

MP abutments is a solid titanium abutment for fabrication of occlusal screw-retained bridge and bar restorations. The MP abutment consists of the MP insert and the matching insert screw. All steps are carried out on abutment level:

  • For simple and accurate fabrication of bridges with cast-to or castable waxing sleeves.
  • For fixing overdentures by bar construction.
  • Inserted MP abutments remain in the mouth.
  • Simplified supra-gingival impressions and framework try-in.
  • Straight and angled in 15° or 30° (SmartFix Concept).
  • Compatible for CAD/CAM fabricated Atlantis suprastructures.

There are several alternatives available for creating attachment-retained overdentures for your patients. These solutions include splinted and non-splinted solutions. The top-of-the-line constructions are produced by Atlantis suprastructures and consist of CAD/CAM restorations. For non-splinted restorations, you can choose from several attachment options. 

Atlantis suprastructures Bar, Bridge and Hybrid

For removable overdentures on splinted restorations in the mandible or maxilla on standard or custom bars in titanium or cobalt-chrome.

Atlantis suprastructures 2in1

  • Bridge and hybrid combination in titanium
  • For removable overdentures on splinted restorations in the mandible or maxilla. The primary structure is a custom bar and the secondary structure can either be a bridge or a hybrid.

Read more about Atlantis suprastructures products


MP bar coping in gold, titanium and castable

For removable overdentures on splinted restorations in the mandible or maxilla on a conventional soldered bar in gold.

Xive Locator Abutment

For removable overdentures on non-splinted restorations in the maxilla and mandible.

Ball and socket attachment

For removable overdentures on non-splinted restorations in the mandible.

Xive is complemented by the appropriate accessories: instruments for implant planning and various concepts for accurate impression taking – open, closed, on implant or mucosa level or even as an immediate index impression using TempBase. Finally, consistent color-coding of all instruments and components will make your work safer and easier. 


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