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Ankylos – Prosthetics

Prosthetic freedom

Ankylos prosthetics are available for cement-, screw-, and attachment-retained restorations in all clinical indications. In situations when you have achieved the desired primary implant stability, and there is appropriate occlusal loading, you can opt for the immediate loading of single tooth and/or multiple tooth restorations.

All prosthetic components for Ankylos are laser-marked to indicate their use: 

  • Components marked with “C/” only use the cone for the connection and are not indexed – this means that the abutment components can be positioned as desired and are completely friction-locked by the cone in order to prevent rotation.

  • Components marked with “/X” are indexed – the index is used to position the abutments in the implants in one of six possible positions. In this case, it is also the cone that ensures optimum stability and rotation locking.

  • Components marked with “C/X” are used for indexed or non-indexed prosthetics.

Download Prosthetic manual to learn more.

There are a number of solutions to support your crown and bridgework restorations. Prosthetics are available to assist you in simple contouring of peri-implant soft tissue, satisfying esthetically demanding single-tooth crowns and bridges in the anterior region, and improving your impression taking procedures.

Solutions for single-tooth replacement

For the replacement of single teeth with implant supported single crowns, the Ankylos implant system has a wide selection of prosthetic options for fabricating naturally and esthetically pleasing restorations with durable retention of the peri-implant hard and soft tissue.

Select the most suitable solution for the individual case based on the following overview. Both, prefabricated abutments for conventionally fabricated prosthetics as well as patient-specifically planned and CAD/CAM-fabricated abutments for highly esthetic restorations are at your disposal.

Solutions for larger tooth gaps

Ankylos also provides a large range of options for restoration in larger edentulous gaps and free ends, both for conventional restorations as well as for digitally fabricated CAD/CAM prosthetics. The following is an overview of the options for providing your patients with a multi-span bridge.

As well as a bridge, in these cases, restoration is also possible using single crowns following a tooth-bytooth concept. For this purpose, make your decision using the options shown on the previous page for single-tooth restorations.

Download Prosthetic manual to learn more.

The Ankylos implant system features two alternatives for attachment-retained overdentures on non-splinted implants.

Ankylos Snap Attachments C/

Ankylos Snap Attachments C/ allow you to attach an overdenture in the edentulous mandible simply and economically. You can use the existing prosthesis chairside, or have a new overdenture fabricated at your dental laboratory.

Attaching overdentures on two implants in the mandible by means of the snap attachment is a very straightforward and fast restoration option for edentulous patients. Snap Attachments are available with tapered implant connection geometry only.

Ankylos Locator abutments

Your edentulous patients want an overdenture that is secure but still easy to remove for cleaning. The self-aligning function of the Locator abutments can help you fulfill your patient requirements.


Likewise, because Locator is a simpler attachment device, you can deliver overdentures in the maxilla and the mandible more easily, especially for patients with limited motor functions, and in cases where occlusal clearance is limited or implants diverge.


Download Prosthetic manual to learn more.

The smarter solution for natural and long lasting esthetics

Your patients rely on you to restore their ability to eat, speak and smile with confidence. With the SmartFix concept combined with Ankylos you can improve the quality of life of your edentulous patients with a secure and reliable immediate full-arch restoration.

It's just smart

The SmartFix concept used in combination with Ankylos gives you:

  • shorter treatment times
  • simplified procedures
  • streamlined workflows

All without compromising reliable treatment outcomes for your edentulous patients.

Powered by a digital workflow

Simplant computerguided implant treatment delivers precise implant planning and predictable restorative results.

Unique implant range with high primary stability

Ankylos implant system is welldocumented for success in immediate loading situations, achieving high primary stability thanks to a progressive thread design.

Easy abutment seating

The short and flexible holder allows for easy seating of Ankylos Balance Base abutments, even when space is limited.

See how it works:

Animation showing the easy seating of the Balance Base Abutment using the short and flexible holder.

Restorative versatility

Straight, 15° and 30° Ankylos Balance Base Abutments, with their non-indexed features, allows free positioning of 360° and therefore the ideal angle in each case. The narrow abutment design facilitates installation while the reduced component height allows for more inter-arch space for prosthetic design.

Angled screw access channel

Angling the screw access channel is a unique option of Atlantis bridges and hybrids, promoting ideal esthetics and function as well as simplifying handling during installation and removal of the prosthesis.

Unique frame design options

Atlantis bridges and hybrids are produced via additive manufacturing, supporting unique frame design options and individualized retention elements.

Scientific support

Morris HF, Ochi S, Orenstein IH, et al.

“AICRG, Part V: Factors influencing implant stability at placement and their influence on survival of Ankylos implants.”

J Oral Implantol

There are several restorative treatment modalities you can use with Ankylos for delivering the optimal solution to your patients. You can choose from concepts that deliver immediate restorations to your edentulous patients; sculpture soft tissues; and provide chairside restorations through intraoral welding, for example.

Ankylos TitaniumBase abutment

Ankylos TitaniumBase abutment

TitaniumBase enables your dental technician to fabricate esthetically high-quality titanium core ceramic abutments for the posterior region. At the same time, they give you all the advantages of a prefabricated, stable implant-abutment connection.

Ankylos SynCone

Ankylos SynCone

SynCone is an extremely economical and easy-to-use solution based on prefabricated components for providing your patients with removable bridges and dentures. SynCone is an innovative application of the telescopic technique successfully combining technical precision and economical prosthetics.

  • Rotation-locked and accurate – the friction-locked connection, without play, between the SynCone abutment and the coping as a prefabricated tapered crown offers complete mechanical stability and dependability.

  • Immediate loading – your patient will experience the success of the treatment immediately. 

  • Atraumatic – surgical procedures and the prosthetic restoration are completed during the anesthetic phase within approximately two hours.

  • Simple installation – no special implants or special instruments are required for treatment.

The WeldOne concept

The WeldOne concept

WeldOne provides a stable, passively fitting framework for temporary or durable prostheses for immediate restorations – suitable for immediate or late loading. It is a fast and economical solution to deliver partial- and full-arch restorations on the same day of surgery.

This concept is exclusively designed for dental implants made by Dentsply Sirona Implants and offers the following benefits:

  • Meet patient demand for immediate restorations – surgical procedure and prosthetic delivery on the same day of surgery.

  • Significant time and cost reduction – standardized protocol with specially designed components for minimize appointments, reducing total treatment costs.

  • Less risk of fractures on temporaries – immediate reinforcement of the temporary by a titanium framework.

  • Safe and predictable for immediate loading treatment – as a consequence of reduced mobility of implants due to immediate rigid splinting a risk of implant failures during healing phases can be minimized.

  • No additional impression taking of implants necessary – simultaneous delivery of a titanium framework on implant abutments at one time; advantage of the one abutment at one time philosophy in case of abutment level restorations. 

Different fabrication procedures can be selected for this unique concept of prosthetic restoration:

  • Temporary restorations on implant level
  • Temporary or durable restorations on abutment level 

Download Prosthetic manual to learn more.

The Ankylos temporary solutions allow you the opportunity to sculpture soft tissue allowing you to harmonize the final abutment margin with soft tissue shape. Temporary abutments function as the retentive base for cement- or screw-retained crowns, or cemented-retained bridges, created by your dental laboratory.

Ankylos Balance C/ temporary abutment

Ankylos Balance C/ is used to fabricate a short-term provisional, both in the anterior and posterior regions. It is easily adaptable to the clinical situation with two diameters (large and small), two gingival heights (1.5 and 3.0 mm) and two angulations (0° and 15°):

  • Two-piece abutment with a separate screw.
  • Large abutment can be customized by grinding.
  • Thanks to the zirconium oxide additive it is stable and radiopaque.
  • Temporary dentures on Balance C/ abutments can be worn for a maximum of 6 months.