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Atlantis patient-specific suprastructures – Overview

Patient-specific suprastructures beyond CAD/CAM

As part of the digital solutions offering from Dentsply Sirona Implants, Atlantis delivers patient-specific prosthetic solutions for all major implant systems. Atlantis suprastructures includes a full range of dental implant suprastructures for fixed and removable dental implant prostheses and overdentures. 

We delivers outstanding prosthetic solutions: 

  • wide flexibility in therapy and design 
  • for partially and fully edentulous patients
  • for all major implant systems
  • with simplified restorative procedure 
  • comprehensive warranty program

Let's get connected

Dentsply Sirona provides digital solutions Connectivity is a result of our commitment to deliver consistent, reliable and high quality digital implant solutions.that make it easier for everyone to connect; streamlining the workflow for all your restorations.

It supports the collaboration between all members of the treatment team and Dentsply Sirona and is present throughout the planning and treatment processes.

Connectivity also helps guarantee that you receive exactly what you expect each and every time. Atlantis suprastructures product line is compatible with a number of lab-based scanners on the market.

Lab-based scanning for Atlantis CAD/CAM solutions.

Atlantis patient-specific solutions are produced using the latest developments in world-class production technologies, and supported by computer based industrial and medical-device expertise.

The art and craft of dental laboratory procedures are further enhanced through the application of engineering principles, allowing for the design and production of consistent, high-quality, patient-specific implant solutions for all major implant systems.

Worldclass manufacturing of Atlantis suprastructures

Using Atlantis suprastructures, you get an open digital solution that provides the greatest flexibility for your restorative implant needs. 

Atlantis suprastructures are compatible with a broad portfolio of implant connections which means that you can continue to work with your preferred implant system. 

Open solution for all major implant systems

With Atlantis suprastructures we give you the freedom to choose between 290 compatible implant and abutment connections such as:

  • Dentsply Sirona Implants
  • BioHorizons
  • Biomet 3i
  • Camlog
  • Keystone Dental
  • Nobel Biocare
  • Straumann
  • Zimmer Dental

Detailed information about the implant compatibility for Atlantis suprastructures is presented in the Atlantis suprastructures implant compatibility chart.

All trademarks, company names and implant designs are the property of their respective owners.


We've got you covered

By choosing Atlantis, you can be assured that the prosthetic solutions you receive are of the highest quality, safety and reliability.  

This is why Atlantis patient-specific prosthetic solutions come with an exclusive and industry-leading comprehensive warranty program.

Atlantis patient-specific suprastructures are backed by a comprehensive warranty - 10-year warranty for suprastructures manufactured in titanium or cobalt-chrome. 

In addition, if an implant supplier does not honor its warranty due to your use of Atlantis suprastructures, Dentsply Sirona Implants will cover both the suprastructure and the implant1.

1. Subject to the terms and conditions of the Atlantis suprastructures warranty.

Warranty cards identifies your cases

For added assurance that you are receiving genuine Atlantis original suprastructure, warranty cards are provided with an order identification number for every case delivered.

Terms and conditions

Naturally, the implant suprastructures solution that offers the greatest freedom is also backed by a comprehensive warranty.

If an implant supplier does not honor its warranty due to your use of Atlantis suprastructures, Dentsply Sirona Implants will cover both the suprastructure and the implants.

For full information about the terms and conditions for Atlantis suprastructures warrant program, please see the detailed terms and conditions below.

Incorporating Atlantis is an easy way to add a new, premium prosthetic dimension to the solution offerings of both dental practices and dental laboratories. Available for all major implant systems, Atlantis supports streamlined and consistent workflows for all implant-supported restorations. 

Additionally, Atlantis reduces time and costs related to inventory management, maintenance, and chairside modifications. It brings simplicity and profitability to the dental practice, while freeing up time for additional cases to be created at a dental laboratory. 

Best of all, Atlantis is an open, fully flexible business model that easily adjusts to dental practice and dental laboratory needs and processes, requiring no investment in software or equipment.

Order process

  1. An implant- or abutment-level impression is taken by the clinician and sent to the dental laboratory with a request for an Atlantis suprastructures.

  2. The order is entered by the dental technician using Atlantis WebOrder. Case models and materials are shipped to Dentsply Sirona Implants.

  3. After review and final approval of the design in Atlantis Viewer, the suprastructure is milled.

  4. The Atlantis suprastructure is shipped to the dental laboratory, which then produces the final prosthetic solution and sends the complete case back to the clinician.

Please note: All products may not be regulatory cleared/released/licensed in all markets. Contact the local Dentsply Sirona sales office for current product assortment and availability.